Dr Marek Tyl


Marek is a scientist, manager and a technology commercialisation strategist. He completed his PhD at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge working with Professor Ernest Laue on structural aspects of chromatin assembly. His research interests are focused on epigenetics in stem cell and cancer biology, drug discovery and the development of biological tools for epigenetic therapy. He was a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Imperial College London working on biochemical characterisation of novel chromatin-associated factors and their role in cancer.

He has extensive experience working on technology strategy, landscaping and due-diligence projects for large and mid-size pharmaceutical companies. He has over 8 years of experience in R&D in the areas of protein biochemistry and molecular biology and has advised proof of concept level biotechnology startups. He is the founder and CEO of the Innovation Forum a leading global network of early-stage innovative companies and founder of Cambridge Squared - a technology scouting & strategy consultancy.

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