Iwan Roberts


PhD Researcher

I am a PhD researcher in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Regenerative Medicine in the University of Manchester. My area of research is focussed on tissue engineering functional skeletal muscle through the development of biomaterial constructs. This aims to become a medium-to-high throughput platform to test stem cell therapies for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I obtained my Masters in Physics (MPhys) degree in Durham University prior to moving to Manchester and therefore bring a quantitative and analytical mindset to my work. During this time I helped organise multiple student societies and undertook placements with companies in a variety of fields.

Alongside my PhD work, I have participated in multiple accelerator programmes (e.g. BiotechYES, TERMIS Business Plan Competition, ImagineIF) with fellow PhD students to both develop our entrepreneurial skills and gain valuable mentorship to take our ideas forward towards commercial reality. In June 2017, our team was successful in winning the Northern Consulting Case Competition. Having grown up on a farm in rural Wales, I have always been immersed in an entrepreneurial atmosphere and aimed to combine my love of science with entrepreneurship to develop innovative and impactful ideas. As well as my scientific and entrepreneurial interests, I am an avid martial artist and enjoy hiking.

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