Cristina Gimenez Vives

Global Coordinator IMAGINE IF!

I like to define myself as an enthusiastic and motivated biomedical engineer who enjoys and loves taking part in BIG things, purposes and who is always willing to learn and surround herself with talent.
I always wanted to be something related to science and healthcare, but it wasn’t till two years ago that I realized my real devotion which is product and idea development, which at the end is taking something to reality, empowering ideas and people to do their best and improve results and performances.

Thanks to many different working experiences I went throug the years of the degree, I realized that I loved strategic business development, product development and marketing, within healthcare industry.
That’s why I’ve already worked as Product Manager in Medical Devices Company and now currently working as Sales and Project Specialist in Electrocardiology, in Dextromedica, Barcelona.
What I love the most about Product Development is the fact that you define the limits and you define where do you want to arribe, who do you want to get to, and how the product will be.
I am very demanging and love to challenge myself with big projects and profesional adventures.
That’s why I am joining Innovation Forum, not just because the challenge itself and the fact that amazing people will be enrolled to, but because the entrepreneurial environment is always where I fell the best and where I give the best of myself.

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