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QGel, a tiny extracellular matrix gel with a big ambition: making cancer a manageable disease

Innovator of the month interview with Dr. Colin Sanctuary, CEO & founder of QGel

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Carlos Ciller, RetinAI: “Machine learning can empower the clinician’s decision”

Innovator of the month interview with Carlos Ciller, CEO and co-founder of RetinAI

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Swiss Motion Technologies: An Affordable and Customized Mobility Solution for Amputees

Innovator of the month interview with Clément Gabry, co-founder of Swiss Motion Technologies

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An interview with BestMile: Cloud intelligence for driverless vehicles

Innovator of the month interview with Anne Mellano, VP of Operations and co-founder of BestMile

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Mentoring Early-stage Science Start-ups and Creating Successful Ventures

Innovation Forum Cambridge interviews IMAGINE IF! Mentor Miranda Weston-Smith

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Meet Marina Rincón and MJN Neuroservices, the IMAGINE IF! Barcelona winners

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Where does science meet business?

An interview with Oriol Pascual, director of IQS Tech Factory

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LAB282 – a Unique Partnership Supporting Innovation from Academic Research

Interview with Dr Thomas Hanke, Expert in Residence at LAB282

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Bringing next-generation gene therapy to the clinic

An interview with Dr Andrea Spezzi, Chief Medical Officer of Orchard Therapeutics

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