J&J Innovation

We seek to find the best science and technology, no matter where it is, to solve the greatest unmet needs of our time. We catalyze, support, and invest in highly differentiated early-stage innovations that will turn into products that extend and improve lives everywhere. At the same time, we seek to nurture the global innovation ecosystem to ensure its continued vibrancy. Our Innovation Centers—located in Boston, California, London and Shanghai—are Johnson & Johnson Innovation regional hubs, created to access the best science and technology in the region, and also to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and scientists developing important medical device and diagnostic technologies, consumer healthcare products, and pharmaceuticals. Through our Centers, the exchange of and support for new ideas occurs, which is critical to advancing important products. We have a fully integrated team of scientific and business experts and flexible deal-making capabilities to meet the needs of any company. We bring a strong history of success in R&D, product development, and commercialization to each conversation. We also know first hand how hard, but also how rewarding it is to advance transformative technologies.

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Keltie LLP

Keltie is an intellectual property firm with a unique personality. A firm that’s renowned for its excellence, earned by putting talented, energetic and principled people at its heart. Based in Europe but with global reach, we specialise in IP law and management. Our clients benefit from an extraordinarily experienced and multi-faceted group of IP experts. Our team includes patent, trade mark and design attorneys who work on every technology and in all commercial fields. Our mission is to seek out the essence of an invention, the heart of a brand and the crux of a dispute. We’re passionate, responsive, commercial and down-to-earth in our pursuit of what matters. The essence of Keltie goes far beyond what we do. It’s about how we do it - with an unparalleled spirit of togetherness, fairness and enjoyment. We want that spirit to embrace the clients we’re proud to serve, so we work as closely and supportively with them as we do with each other. The result: entrusting IP work to us is not just to witness our special culture - but also to experience it.

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Marks & Clerk are committed to providing exceptional intellectual property advice around the world, helping you to navigate the complexities of IP, patents, trade marks and design protection. Innovation is the life-blood of business and it’s vital that you do not overlook the need to protect your intellectual property. From the capture of an idea, to the enforcement or defence of rights in disputes Marks & Clerk is your expert partner to ensure your IP is protected and fully exploited. Today’s local is tomorrow’s global – and with our diverse team of practitioners, you’re always supported by a network of experts.

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Taylor Wessing

At Taylor Wessing we are passionate about life sciences. We recognise that success in this industry means delivering superior treatments and diagnostic tools that enhance patient care. Our focus is to provide a holistic service to companies in this innovative, heavily regulated industry whose goals are to bring about advancements that benefit humankind. Our team work with some of the most promising start-ups and investors in healthtech, biotech, medical devices / wearables and healthcare. Our knowledge of the full ecosystem and the various best routes to market have enabled us to accompany a diverse collection of small-to-medium-sized start-up enterprises ready to up-scale their business and help them to realise their ambitions. We devise transformative business transactions through strategic partnering collaborations, raising or placing capital or completing game-changing M&A transactions.

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DDR Medic

Drug Development and Regulation (DDR) is an independent European consultancy company, focused in providing appropriate scientific & regulatory expertise for the global development and registration of Drugs and Medical Devices. Our valuable and tailor-made solutions contribute to the success of your development programs from a quality, nonclinical, clinical, and regulatory point of view. The DDR team gathers highly experienced professionals with strong scientific backgrounds, accustomed to the utmost regulatory standards to carry out any plan, including innovative products, reprofiling or hybrid drugs, amongst others. Advantageously located in Barcelona, Amsterdam & London, DDR also benefits from a large network of highly qualified experts and strategic collaborations with renowned institutions worldwide.

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Lifebit is democratising muti-omics, biomedicine & big data analysis with its AI-powered cloud-based system. This enables developers & researchers, no matter their computational & data analysis training level, & their corresponding organisations (ie. startups, SMEs, pharmaceutical companies), to instantly run & scale such analysis in a cost-speed-efficient and reproducible way that automates the analysis processes, learns from the data and provides actionable insights.

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Microdul AG

Microdul is a private Swiss company founded in 1991 as an MBO from Phillips Semiconductors in Zürich and is your trusted partner for advanced microelectronics. Our expertise covers all steps of the process from development to engineering to production and test of custom applications. Microdul possesses a broad and in-depth know-how in the multifaceted world of microelectronics. Our three business lines Modules, Semiconductors and Thick-film enable us to apply our know-how to create quality products and services. Our quality system is based on IS9001 and ISO13485, and we have had the ISO13485 certification since 2003. Our commitment to high quality is regularly acknowledged in customer audits. Here is a brief summary of our business lines: • Module: Manufacture of miniaturised electronic modules mainly for medical implants (including active implants) • Semiconductors: Development of ultra-low-power, mixed-signal ASICs or standard products • Thick-film: Printing conductive, resistive and isolating layers on ceramic

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Probatech Consulting

Probatech was founded to help more life science companies to be successful. By helping our clients to understand their stakeholders and markets, we enable them to take more informed actions, driving them to success more quickly. Probacure is our flagship technology-enabled service that we have developed to ensure that life science ventures do not lose direction in a data-overloaded, rapidly-changing market. We provide data in context, giving you clear guidance and keeping you on the most efficient path to success.

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