Partnership announced with Discovery Park

Iwan Roberts Written by Iwan Roberts
Published on 03 October 2021
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The Innovation Forum is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Discovery Park, a leading UK science park based in Kent, UK. This will help to elevate start-ups in the life sciences industry and open up networks between innovators and the wider science community.

Located in the East of England’s life sciences cluster, with close links to London, Stevenage and Cambridge, Discovery Park is a cornerstone of the UK healthcare sector. Building on its unique scientific heritage, it is the home of innovation, attracting companies large and small to its vibrant environment and excellent facilities. 

Discovery Park will help the Innovation Forum engage with innovators throughout the Kent ecosystem and have kindly provided lab space for the global winner of the IMAGINE IF! 2021 edition.

Dr Martino Picardo, Chair of Discovery Park, said: “This collaboration with The Innovation Forum will help to further stimulate the growth of innovative young companies that are already finding the facilities and support that they need at Discovery Park and it will offer them the chance to be part of the science and entrepreneurial community, not just at Discovery Park, but internationally.

Innovation Forum and Discovery Park will work together on building stakeholder value to spin-outs and start-ups and in providing mentorship for SMEs.

Iwan Roberts, CEO, The Innovation Forum, said: “The Innovation Forum is proud to announce its partnership with Discovery Park. 

“As a grassroots network of 10,000 scientific entrepreneurs, the Innovation Forum believes in collaborating strongly with regional hubs of excellence and connecting them with the wider ecosystem of like-minded innovators building technologies and start-ups that will shape the future of our health. 

“We see Discovery Park as a key partner in the UK which combines a strong heritage with a forward thinking attitude looking at supporting great talent with the skills development and resources they need. We hope to support innovators in the Kent ecosystem along with Discovery Park to support even more healthcare ventures in the region and provide them with the networking and mentoring opportunities to take their ideas to the next level.”

We look forward to celebrate emerging ecosystems in our Invest in Innovation conference on 9-10th of November 2021.

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