Dr Bauke Anninga

Board Member, Innovation Forum

Investment Associate, M Ventures

Bauke is a cancer scientist and entrepreneur. He undertook a PhD in Cancer Studies at King’s College London, after completing a BSc and MSc in Technical Medicine (The Netherlands). During his studies he has gained several years experience in pioneering medical technology, most recently in leading clinical trials in melanoma and breast cancer, evaluating the use of intraoperative nanotechnology for cancer surgery. Since his time in London he played an integral role in many aspects of the pre-clinical and clinical development of medical devices and diagnostics; from successful funding applications and regulatory approvals to R&D and patient-centered care. This research led to multiple publications in internationally recognised peer-reviewed journals as well as winning the prestigious Ronald Raven Prize.

Bauke is also COO and co-founder of Innovation Forum and Director of New Ventures at Cambridge Squared, a boutique life-science scouting company with a proven track record of sourcing and evaluating high quality projects with the aim to secure funding for companies across the globe. He is passionate about transforming complex innovative technologies into improved medical care and believes that a difference can be made through a successful collaborative approach.

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