Dr Daniel Moreno

Board member

Head of Innovation at Catalan Healthcare Institute

Creating sustainable and supportive ecosystems for entrepreneurs is both my personal and professional passion. Currently, I lead the innovation management process in northern Barcelona, particularly, in Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, one of the mayor Catalan Health Institute hospitals providing high technology and complex healthcare to over 1.200.000 patients, where my task is to identify, nurture and grow innovative projects and initiatives arising from our healthcare professionals and activities.

I have extensive experience in strategic leadership, innovation, research and project management, communication, start-ups and STEM ecosystem development, and serve as a Non-Executive Director at Global Innovation Forum, where I co-founded the Manchester branch and led the global marketing, communication and operations strategies for a number of years. I am a seasoned mentor, and participate in numerous acceleration programmes such as IMAGINE IF! or the LIF7 programme (Royal Academy of Engineering) among others. I also regularly participate in the review and evaluation of EIT Health projects.

Interested in new technologies and in entrepreneurship through leadership and innovation, I have many years of experience working and leading international teams. I have strong links to the United Kingdom, and as such connecting the UK and Spain to foster collaborations and new business creation is one of my passions. In executive roles, I have served as Vice-Chairman of the Young European Biotechnology Network and, proudly, as one of the youngest management board members in the history of the British Society of Cardiovascular Disease.

I have an extensive list of peer-reviewed scientific publications from my time as an academic in Manchester, where I worked in cardiovascular research, platelet and endothelial function in the context of inflammation and became a Fellow of the High Education Academy.

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