Dr Piotr Gierszewski

Piotr is an entrepreneur, technology scout and a life scientist. His passions for research and entrepreneurship are coupled with the aspiration of unleashing the hidden potential in early career researchers - turning their talents into skills and ideas into world-changing innovations.
As a founding member of the Innovation Forum, Piotr has worked in various roles in the organisation starting from the Strategy and Development Officer to a Co-organiser of the annual Leaders Conference. His entrepreneurial career exposed him to the process of technology transfer, science commercialisation, protection of intellectual property and event management.
His research career started at UCL with a BSc in Molecularly Biology followed by a PhD in Biochemistry at Cambridge, UK. His biological experience oscillates around epigenetics, protein biochemistry and drug discovery. Piotr provides his expertise to Cambridge Squared, a boutique life-science scouting consultancy.
His previous projects include a scientific expedition to lake Baikal, Siberia, and choreographing fire-juggling and fire-breathing performances.

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