Dr Barbara Domayne-Hayman

Industry Advisory Board Member

Chief Business Officer, Autifony Therapeutics

Dr Barbara Domayne-Hayman has a broad range of commercial, fund-raising and general management experience, with many years of business development. She is currently ‘Entrepreneur-in-residence’ at the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst and Chief Business Officer at Autifony Therapeutics.

Previously, Barbara was CEO of Stabilitech, a platform technology company stabilising vaccinesand other biologics, for four and a half years. She raised funding, including considerable amounts from non-dilutive sources such as the US Department of Defense as well as the UK’s Technology Strategy Board, established multiple commercial collaborations and built the team from very early stage. Prior to this, she was Commercial Director at Arrow Therapeutics, an antiviral drug discovery and development company, for over four years, until the company was acquired by AstraZeneca in 2007. Before working at Arrow, Barbara was Senior Business Development Manager at Celltech. She previously held senior international commercial positions at Zeneca where she worked for over ten years. She has also consulted in Life Sciences for Ernst & Young Strategy Group, and holds a Sloan Fellowship from London Business School. She has a BA and D.Phil in chemistry, from the University of Oxford.

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