Roxana Sava

Business Development Manager

Final year PhD student in Regenerative Medicine I BI Cell Therapy

I am a motivated PhD researcher with a strong interest in the translation of science into innovative treatments. A biochemist by training with a fascination for regenerative medicine, I pursued an MSc in Micro and Nanomaterials at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest to widen my knowledge and understanding of how we can engineer smart materials to improve human health.

My interdisciplinary background was a key factor for being awarded the UKRI PhD studentship in Regenerative Medicine at The University of Manchester. My research explores potential therapies for brain repair following a stroke, using stem cells and biomaterials.

Beyond my studies, I contributed to different student societies and developed my teaching and mentoring skills. I have also been involved in a wide range of volunteering and science communication activities. Willing to learn more about business and entrepreneurship, I have joined the Innovation Forum Manchester team keen to contribute to the benefit of the wider society by connecting ingenious academics with industry people and investors.

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