Innovation Forum appoints Marios Poullas to lead IMAGINE IF! Accelerator

Lindsey Brown Written by Lindsey Brown
Published on 16 July 2018
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The Innovation Forum is delighted to announce the appointment of Marios S Poullas as the Global Accelerator Manager for the IMAGINE IF! Accelerator.  


Marios Poullas, is experienced in data analysis, leadership, operations and project management, strategy planning and business development.

Picture of Marios S Poullas
Marios, Director of Global Operations at the Innovation Forum, coordinates the activities of 15 active branches around the world with more than 150 team members. He also supports the Business Development team and develops and maintains strong relationships with various partners of the Innovation Forum. Before joining the Innovation Forum’s Global Executive Team, he served for a year as the President of the London UCL branch of the organisation, where he organised many successful local events and secured significant funding.

Marios is currently working with the Portfolio Management and Business Operations team at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, while he is also working towards completing his Ph.D. in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University College of London. He received his Masters in Research from Imperial College London in the field of Biomedical Research and his major degree in Biochemistry with Genetics from the University of Lancaster.

Commenting on his appointment, Marios said, “It’s an honour to be appointed as the Global Accelerator Manager for the IMAGINE IF! Accelerator. I have always been passionate about entrepreneurship, helping early stage start-ups to succeed, and this is now another opportunity to personally contribute to this complex and exciting world of thriving innovation. The Innovation Forum’s mission is to facilitate innovation by fostering synergies between academia, industry and the public sector, and IMAGINE IF! is the most practical platform to achieve that. I am very excited to be part of such an active and exciting network as the Innovation Forum.  I am really looking forward to working with the IMAGINE IF! coordinators from our global branches and with the professional team of international mentors to deliver a high-quality accelerator at a global level.”

Marek Tyl, CEO of the Innovation Forum added, “Marios has been an important team member of the Innovation Forum and has successfully run our operations in London for the past year. I am very pleased he is now taking the responsibility of coordinating IMAGINE IF! globally. He is a very driven and skilled manager and I have no doubt he will build an incredible programme for the IMAGINE IF! 2018/19 Accelerator.”

IMAGINE IF! is the first truly global competition and accelerator program for healthcare science ventures (start-ups based on genuine, novel scientific ideas which may have a significant impact on improving human or animal wellbeing; e.g. new medicines, medical, digital health, etc.).

IMAGINE IF! utilises the Innovation Forum’s grassroots and professional network with the aim of supporting very early-stage science start-ups or even academics with an idea that is based on their scientific research.

The accelerator provides extensive opportunities: mentorship, the potential to secure non-dilutive capital, free advice from leading professional services companies and rapid networking across the Innovation Forum platform.

To discover more about the IMAGINE IF! Accelerator, visit

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