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Published on 02 July 2018
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Lately, the Innovation Forum (IF) Manchester held another successful workshop, dedicated to leadership skills development for postgraduate students, recent graduates and young professionals.  Here one of the workshop leaders, Anastassia Bolotkova, shares her personal reflections.

On 20th June 2018, we had the pleasure of welcoming a large group of enthusiasts, who wished to learn more about the application and importance of business development, marketing and management in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines.  Most attendees had a STEM or medical background; nonetheless, it was great to see professionals embracing business and marketing learning.

Being the Global Head of Business Development, I opened the workshop by introducing the Innovation Forum to the public, outlining the organisation’s main activities on a global level and highlighting the endless opportunities for its members for personal development.  Our attendees were eager to learn more about the grassroots organisation, pre-seed stage companies and convergence of science sectors that support innovation. 

My colleague Iwan Roberts, President of Innovation Forum Manchester discussed the activities of the organisation at a local level including local events, the IMAGINE IF! Accelerator and Pitch in a Pub.  He encouraged delegates to brainstorm the factors required for setting up a start-up.

Our Marketing Director of Innovation Forum Manchester, Liutauras Mažonas (Leo), explored opinion on the importance of marketing in business.  Leo ran a competition on brand promotion to see who could write the best post about the Innovation Forum for social media. (See the winner’s post here: )

Finally, Daniel Moreno, Global Head of Marketing and Communications, finished the event with an interactive workshop on innovation management. Attendees were divided into groups and asked to find innovative solutions on how Manchester and the North-West could become a stronger competitor to Oxbridge. There was no right or wrong answer.  However, the Innovation Forum proved that individuals who had a chance to give their thoughts independently prior to discussing solutions in the teams had a more diverse and innovative range of ideas than the teams who were brainstorming ideas in groups from the beginning. 



The event was concluded by a networking session where participants discussed the open positions at the Innovation Forum Manchester.  If you would like to join the team or subscribe to our newsletter, contact us: [email protected]











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