Congratulations to the IMAGINE IF! Accelerator Winner NG:Safe!

Thomas Bray Written by Thomas Bray
Published on 04 October 2016
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NG:Safe will now receive a non-dilutive cash prize of $USD 30,000, additional mentorship and services through our network to rapidly accelerate their business. 
NG:Safe is a Cambridge based medtech startup, developing a bedside diagnostic test that ensures correct placement of nasogastric feeding tubes (NGTs). NGTs are routinely used in the critical care setting but misplacement in the lung can be fatal. NGT misplacement is an NHS ‘Never Event’, on par with operating on the wrong organ, but is still a routine occurrence in the western world. The global market for NGT placement is currently estimated at over £1.6Bn, dominated by ‘Gold Standard’ Chest X-rays required on initial tube placement. The alternative, a cheap and unreliable pH test, is inadequate in the critical care setting. NG:Safe will bring an accurate and cost effective bedside diagnostic test to the clinic by 2020. 
Photo (from left to right): Thomas Bray (IMAGINE IF! Accelerator) and Graham Mills from NG:Safe the winner of IMAGINE IF! 2016


NG:Safe’s core technology exploits fundamental differences between the biochemical environments of the lung and stomach, making it an order of magnitude more sensitive than currently available solutions. NG:Safe is also semi-quantitative, meaning it can not only tell you where an NG tube is placed, but how confident we are on this prediction. This non-binary outcome has polled extremely well in the critical care community. By supporting NG:Safe, you are helping to ensure that avoidable deaths caused by inappropriate nasogastric feeding tube placement is a thing of the past.

John Cassidy, Co-founder and CEO of NG:Safe said: 
“We are absolutely thrilled to receive these funds from IMAGINE IF! Accelerator. Along with the mentorship and advice offered by the Innovation Forum, these funds will enable us to develop a working prototype of the NG:Safe cassette. Ultimately IMAGINE IF! will help NG:Safe get into the clinic faster and help us to realise our goal of avoiding accidental death by nasogastric tube misplacement sooner. 
Through the Innovation Forum, we established new connections with professionals from different areas, and of different expertises, and we look forward to maintaining these ongoing relationships. We were particularly pleased with the flexibility of the Cambridge IF team – who encouraged us to reach out to mentors we were not originally assigned, but who had expertise directly relevant for NG:Safe. 
With the funds provided by the Innovation Forum, NG:Safe will continue to work toward building a working prototype in the next year. With the support of the IF accelerator, we will work on continuously improving the business case for NG:Safe, ensuring that our customer base is ready for the launch of our prototype devices.”
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