Innovation Forum Manchester is looking for entrepreneurial, highly motivated people to join their team

Dr Marek Tyl Written by Dr Marek Tyl
Published on 18 October 2016
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Are you a recent graduate or study towards a degree in Life Sciences or Engineering? Do you want to improve or develop your business acumen?  Are you interested in meeting new people and organising events and workshops in Manchester? 

Why not improve your CV by volunteering at the Innovation Forum!?

We are a non-for-profit organisation supported by 10,000 innovators.  We seek to build connections between academia, industry and policy makers, thereby accelerating the speed of technology adoption for the benefit of the wider society. Find out more about us!

If you love life science and want to use your knowledge in the marketing, finance or sales environment, contact Innovation Forum (Manchester) and join our friendly and fast growing team!

Email your CV and tell us, why you want to join the Innovation Forum:

[email protected]  or [email protected] 

Please note that Innovation Forum is a non-for-profit organisation and this is a voluntary position. 

Only a limited number of positions are available, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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