Cluttered Thinking, Cluttered Messaging

Giammarco Pacifico Written by Giammarco Pacifico
Published on 11 May 2022
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As an entrepreneur, you have to align so many different processes to realize your vision: from funding, to research and development, then patenting and licensing, and finally production and advertising. For each of these processes, you have to describe to those involved − precisely and convincingly − what your product is and how it will benefit others. This means you have to understand your product’s “unique selling proposition” backwards and forwards. Otherwise, how can you communicate it to others and convince them to work towards your vision? 

In high school, I had an inspirational biology teacher whose office looked as if a tornado had just passed through. On his wall was a poster showing an equally chaotic office and the slogan, “A clean office is the sign of a twisted mind.” I always smiled when I saw that poster. I had a soft spot for the myth of the “messy genius”. Now, several decades later, I see things a bit differently. My work helping researchers to communicate their stories and visions has made one thing clear to me: if you don’t have your story clear in your own head, the audience will probably be unable to form a clear story in their heads. 

Occasionally, my work with entrepreneurs leads them to have an “Aha!” moment about their own stories.

For example: 

Me: “Your pitch mentioned that your goal was X, but later you mentioned Y, which seems to be the real, over-reaching goal, while X is your tool to achieve it. So should we make Y the focus of the story?”

Entrepreneur: “Yes, you’re right, the goal is Y. I should re-center the story on Y. Why didn’t I see that before?” 

I like these moments because the entrepreneurs prove to themselves that when you spend so long, so close to something, you can lose your ability to see it clearly. You can lose your ability to see it from 360°, which is essential for packaging and pitching your story to diverse groups such as collaborators, media, investors and internal staff.

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Chapin Rodriguez, PhD, Founder and Director, Creaducate Consulting GmbH

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