The IMAGINE IF! Top 50 Finalists have been officially announced!! 

Thomas Bray Written by Thomas Bray
Published on 19 July 2016
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The accelerator platform received a large number of applications from across the entire spectrum of deep technology diverse fields, with strong interest from both traditional scientific clusters as well as new and emerging geographies across the globe!

We welcome our Top 50 Finalists to two weeks of intensive mentorship, followed by a video pitch and option to submit an updated business plan by the 1st August. All teams in the TOP 50 will now go into the running for a non-dilutive cash prize of $USD 30,000, services and other benefits from the Innovation Forum network!

The 50 companies below were selected on the basis that we believe that those and the technologies they represent fulfill our vision of lifechanging, disruptive strategies to improve mankind.

Congratulations to our finalists! Listed below in alphabetical order they are:

# Name IMAGINE IF! Branch
1 accuRx London
2 acesobee limited Hong Kong
3 AquaBattery B.V. Global Pool
4 ATR Elements Munich
5 ATS Labolatory S.A. Krakow
6 Blazer Technologies Ltd. Ireland
7 Cambridge Solar Environmental Solutions (CamSES) Ltd. Cambridge
8 CareNx Innovations India
9 CortiCare London
10 CustoMem London
11 Docrrates London
12 DryGro Oxford
13 FlexTraPower New York
14 GlykoGen Edinburgh
15 Health View Bioanalytic Limited Hong Kong
16 iBreve Barcelona
17 Innersight London
18 Inveox Munich
19 JustMilk Cambridge
20 Lymphatica Lausanne
21 Mecuris GmbH Munich
22 MedEXO Robotics Hong Kong
23 Meteor Power Limited Oxford
24 MiAlgae Edinburgh
25 Morphodyne S.A. Lausanne
26 MOWoOT Barcelona
27 New Born Solutions Barcelona
28 NG:Safe Cambridge
29 Novus Life Sciences Limited Hong Kong
30 OneTest Diagnostics Cambridge
31 OrgaMime Munich
32 Osteo3d India
33 Platform for the assessment of environmentally-induced health risks using satellite monitoring United Kingdom
34 Prosper Diagnostics Cambridge
35 RIOT Technolgies sp. z o.o. Krakow
36 RNAissance Therapeutics LLC Cambridge
37 Rotoby Sp. z o.o. Krakow
38 SensArs Neuroprosthetics Lausanne
39 SMAP Energy Cambridge
40 Smart Home Technology Lausanne
41 Stemnovate Limited United Kingdom
42 Sumondo Denmark
43 Swift Molecular Diagnostic Cambridge
44 SwissDeCode Lausanne
45 T1D Barcelona
46 Tarantula Lausanne
47 Tubulis Technologies – Enabling next-generation Antibody-Drug-Conjugates Munich
48 TwentyGreen Lausanne
49 VisusNano Manchester
50 Vocalens Cambridge
51 Walk With Path Limited London


If your company appears on this list but you have not yet received your invitation email, please let us know by mail to [email protected]

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