Success for Cambridge BioTech Week which showcased innovation in the Cambridge cluster

Lindsey Brown Written by Lindsey Brown
Published on 11 March 2019
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The city of Cambridge, a global hub for research and healthcare innovation, hosted Cambridge BioTech Week from 24-28 June 2019. The week featured a series of events dedicated to celebrating, showcasing and accelerating the biotechnology and health technology work taking place in and around Cambridge.

With events and activities organised by key players in the cluster, the Innovation Forum, the Milner Institute at the University of Cambridge, One Nucleus, Cambridge Wireless and Cambridge Network, the BioTech Week offered visitors a unique opportunity to meet and network with key opinion leaders from the biotechnology and healthcare sectors, including government representatives, researchers, scientists, pharma and technology innovators, academics, start-ups and investors.

The Cambridge BioTech Week shone a spotlight on Cambridge’s strengths in biotechnology, raised awareness of the exciting work taking place, catalysed new ideas and formed new partnerships. The week’s main event was the Health Horizons – Future Healthcare Forum, a new international healthcare conference which took place from 26-27 June 2019.

Dr Marek Tyl, CEO of the Innovation Forum, which organised the Health Horizons – Future Healthcare Forum, said:

“I am delighted that the Innovation Forum played a key part in this bigger initiative in Cambridge to bring an exciting festival of events showcasing the strengths of the Cambridge cluster and the UK as a whole in biotechnology and healthcare.”

Health Horizons, organised by the Innovation Forum aims to analyse the gaps, challenges and unmet needs of the current global healthcare ecosystem. Speakers and delegates discussed key topics such as novel therapeutic approaches, digital health, longevity, CNS and nano-technology, all with the aim of defining goals for the biopharma and healthcare industry, connecting investment capital with biotech start-ups and identifying strategies, policy and technological solutions that will improve healthcare in the future.

Pfizer, the leading global pharmaceutical company was the headline partner of the Health Horizons conference and participating in the BioTech Week. Rory O’Connor, MD, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Internal Medicine at Pfizer said:

“It is critical to bring together interdisciplinary leaders in the healthcare space. Fostering dialogue and collaboration between physicians, patients, academics and industry leaders helps drive medical innovations that can ultimately improve patient care.”

Visitors participated in a range of biotech and business-related events during Biotech Week, including seminars, networking and partnering sessions, dinners and cocktail receptions. A highlight of the week was the Biotech Showcase, hosted by One Nucleus, that brought together the most innovative biotech companies in the Cambridge cluster under one roof giving visitors a taste of their work.

Although the Cambridge Biotech Week, Health Horizons and other participating events may be over for this year, the discussions will continue to flow, and conclusions made will influence healthcare in a positive, inspiring way for the future. Watch this space for news about future editions of the Cambridge Biotech Week. 

For more information, visit the Biotech Week website at:

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