£20 million funding scheme Grand Challenge from Cancer Research UK

Dr Daniel Moreno Written by Dr Daniel Moreno
Published on 15 August 2017
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Grand Challenge is the most ambitious cancer research grant in the world – a series of £20m awards seeking international, multi-disciplinary teams willing to take on the toughest challenges in cancer – providing the freedom to try novel approaches, at scale, in the pursuit of life changing discoveries.

In the first round, 9 teams were shortlisted from 56 entries. The generous support of CRUK partners and donors enabled 4 of these remarkable Grand Challenge teams to be funded. As of today, 8 challenges in cancer research have been identified. Innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs both from academia and industry will have to work together to tackle them effectively:

An independent advisory panel have now set 8 new Grand Challenges and are inviting the world’s top scientists to come together proposing novel ways to tackle them


To apply for the Grand Challenge scheme full expressions of interest must be submitted by the 12th of October 2017:

Taken from CRUK Grand Scheme website
More information on the Grand Challenge can be read in CRUK’s website or in the international press release.
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