Neil Burns – Innovation Forum 2016 – Leaders Conference Speakers

Dr Marek Tyl Written by Dr Marek Tyl
Published on 25 August 2016
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We are delighted to announce our speakers line-up for the Innovation Forum 2016 conference. Follow us to keep up to date as we introduce our eminent speakers.

Neil Burns George James Ltd
Photo: Neil Burns, Co-founder of George James Ltd.

Neil Burns, along with Jonathan Cooper, co-founded George James Ltd in 1999. Since this time Neil has successfully completed multiple recruitment projects across the life science, software and instrumentation industries. Projects cover Europe and range from senior field specialist to board level appointments. Neil is also involved in training, in particular one on one coaching programmes.

Prior to this Neil spent 16 years in various sales, marketing and general management positions working with Packard Biosciences, Perkin Elmer Applied Biosystems and MDS Sciex. Experienced in capital equipment, consumables, reagents and services in the life science, general analytical and process markets. At Packard Biosciences Neil was responsible for all European direct and distributor operations with revenues of >$100M and >150 employees. Neil has a degree in Medicinal Chemistry.

Neil is active in the organisation of international conferences and networks including The Paperless Lab and The Innovation Forum.

For a complete schedule and to secure your tickets please visit our Innovation Forum 2016 – Leaders Conference page (

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