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Dr Marek Tyl Written by Dr Marek Tyl
Published on 12 June 2017
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Applications are now open for the Innovation Forum Leaders Conference 2017 taking place on 4th to 5th December in Oxford, UK.  

This year we have an apply to attend process in order to ensure a high caliber, selective audience and quality collaboration opportunities across a good mix of industry, startups, academia and policy makers.   

Apply to attend online>>

World-Leading conference to link early-stage ventures with investment and support industry-academic partnerships to drive bio-innovation.

On the 4-5 December, our global conference will bring together over 400 delegates from the healthcare, biotechnology and life science sectors: Academics, start-ups, early stage ventures, SMEs, large pharmaceutical companies, prominent investors and top innovators.  CEOs, prominent investors and top innovators will deliver keynote speeches and head discussions on the latest trends in therapeutics, cleantech and medtech as part of our 2-day extensive programme of presentations and workshops. 

Apply to attend>>

Who should attend?
Whether  you  are  an  industry  leader,  investor,  leading academic  or  early‐stage entrepreneur, #IFLC2017 offers you the chance to benefit from extensive partnering opportunities, hear key opinions, discuss the latest trends in innovation and find inspiration.

Academia – The Innovation Forum 2017 is the perfect meeting place for entrepreneurial academics to connect with industry and investors and explore the opportunities for commercialisation and application of basic research.  

  • Meet and network with leaders from large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Seek mentorship opportunities and advice from professional business organisations
  • Pitch your research and product ideas in our IMAGINE IF! Acceleration Program for a chance to win cash prizes
  • Hear from key opinion leaders on the latest topics such as immuno-oncology, robotics in healthcare or recent advancements in epigenetics
  • Learn from early stage startups and entrepreneurs
  • Discover the latest technology and learn about key changes to policy and regulations
  • Attend our gala dinner and drinks reception for exclusive networking opportunities

Early-stage startups – The Innovation Forum 2017 supports early-stage ventures seeking investment and provides a unique platform for industry-academia collaboration to deliver innovation in healthcare.  

  • Access funding
  • Hear from renowned keynote speakers from top pharmaceutical companies including GSK, GE Healthcare, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and many more
  • Pitch for investment in the IMAGINE IF! competition
  • Network with and gain feedback from key opinion leaders
  • Showcase your latest research or technology
  • Collaborate with a global network of industry, academics and investors
  • Learn from other startups and SMEs and hear their experiences

SMEs – The Innovation Forum 2017 supports SMEs in exploring potential collobarations and investigating the best possible growth and exit strategies. 

  • Meet potential partners and clients through 1-2-1 dedicated meetings
  • Explore growth and exit strategies
  • Network with potential customers, partners and investors
  • Gain access to a global network of academics and researchers
  • Hear from renowned keynote speakers from top pharmaceutical companies
  • Attend our VIP dinner

Large pharmaceuticals – The Innovation Forum 2017 can help you to build relationships and explore potential partnerships and licensing opportunities with the best academics and new early-stage ventures. 

  • Hold 1:2:1 meetings with potential business partners
  • Meet and network with 100s of academia and new innovative start-ups
  • Hear from renowned keynote speakers from industry and government
  • Gather market intelligence from key opinion leaders from industry, government, academia, early stage-ventures and SMEs
  • Recruit new researchers – gain access to a global network of academics and researchers
  • Attend our VIP dinner
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