Innovation Forum and Accessible Tech at the Paralympics

Peter Crane Written by Dr Peter Crane
Published on 08 September 2016
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The Department for International Trade (DIT) along with Innovation Forum are pleased to announce the results of the Pitch at the Paras competition. This jointly organised competition will see the top-5 teams flying to the Paralympics in Rio and at the British House during the Paralympics,  presenting their innovative solutions to people with disabilities and a VIP panel of Judges. The top 5 teams are:

  1. Carbon Black
  2. GiveVision 
  3. Open Bionics 
  4. The Active Hands Company 
  5. Walk with Path Ltd

The event represents an opportunity for some of the most innovative UK companies in the emerging area of accessible technology to showcase their innovations to potential customers, importers and investors; as well as showcasing the best of British Innovation to the world. More details and a full write-up to follow after the showcase in Rio!


About DIT Brazil

Department for International Trade (DIT) helps UK-based companies succeed in the global economy. It also helps overseas companies bring their high-quality investment to the UK’s dynamic economy.


About British House

British House will be a home away from home, where Paralympics GB’s performances will be celebrated and London and Great Britain showcased to the world.

British House will be a celebration of the best of Britain during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, from Paralympics GB sporting excellence through to its business, culture, and its capital city, London.

Situated at the Shopping Metropolitano in the Barra area and only 2km to the Olympic Park, British House has stunning views from the terrace to the Olympic Park.


About us

The Innovation Forum is a global grassroots network of over 10,000 innovators and scientists that seeks to build bridges between industry, academia and government. We are focused on the future and the evolution of deep technologies, which range from the nascent stage to those on the cusp of commercial application. We run events across the world, an international leaders conference and an seed ventures accelerator.

Our stand out global event is the flagship “Leaders Conference 2016”. This event being held on the 21st-22nd of September, 2016 in Cambridge (UK) brings together over 500 CEOs, investors, students and start-ups for 2 days of science based entrepreneurism.

For more info and to get your ticket please visit:


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