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Translating Research into Innovation and Business Ventures

Thursday, October 19th 2023

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09:00 – 14:30 (GMT)

University Arms Hotel, 52-42 Regent St, Cambridge CB2 1AD

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To boost our economy in the post-COVID-19 era, translating research into innovation and business ventures is of utmost importance for universities, researchers, startups, investors, and industries. According to Geoffrey Nicholson (3M Ambassador for Innovation and father of the Post-It Notes), “… research transforms money into knowledge … technology transfer transforms knowledge into money…”. Hence, cutting-edge research studies, and commercialisation of research into business ventures are crucial in bringing about changes for societal improvements, as well as driving economic recovery and responsible growth.

The appeal of “building back better” is increasingly influencing prioritisation within the innovation strategies of countries, including the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States.  As for Asia, despite anticipated setbacks and flare-ups on the world stage, McKinsey’s Jonathan Woetzel and the Financial Times’ Asia editor Robin Harding see growth for the region.  

In China and Hong Kong, the Innovation and Technology (I&T) industry has made unprecedented strides in recent years. Backed by strong government support in line with the National 14th Five Year Plan and opportunities in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), Hong Kong has taken leaps toward building a sustainable and connected ecosystem. This conducive I&T environment has sparked increasing public and private sector collaboration, with ecosystem participants embracing a global view to innovate at speed and scale.

This event aims to achieve four objectives:

  • Calling for international cooperation to revitalise global growth, as well as to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future.
  • Promoting Triple Helix partnership among government, industry, and academia to translate research into innovation and business ventures.
  • Presenting opportunities and challenges of building innovation and technology business in Hong Kong, China, and Asia.
  • Connecting with personnel and companies interested to establish business in Hong Kong, China and Asia Pacific.



Session 1 – Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Ecosystems for Global Economic Growth


Opening remarks


Keynote 1 – Knowledge Transfer: Boosting Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Revitalise Global Economic Growth


Keynote 2 – Innovation Ecosystems Across Science, Technology and Business


Networking break


Session 2: Launching or Scaling your Business – Navigating the Fundraising Stages


Keynote 3 – Business Funding Challenges and How to Overcome Them


Panel 1 – The Art of Raising Capital Effectively


Networking break


Session 3: Unlocking Business Opportunities for Startups and Scaleups in Asia


Keynote 4 – Hong Kong: Asia’s Most Dynamic Ecosystem for Startups and Scaleups


Panel  2 – Scaling up businesses in Asia


Lunch (by invitation only)

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