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IMAGINE IF! Video Production Workshop

Wednesday, April 07th 2021

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17:00 – 18:30 (BST)

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To help you share your ideas and projects in a more impactful way, we have teamed up with Phil Eastabrook at PictureCo, a video communication company specialized in showcasing early-stage healthcare start-ups.

PictureCo has helped many companies prepare investor materials, video content for their website and social media as well as teaching people how to create their own video material on a budget.

As part of our IMAGINE IF! program, we are organizing an event where they'll share how to make homemade videos look professional, how to avoid small mistakes along the way and how to best communicate your story in front of a camera.

The deadline to submit your 2 mins video pitch is fast approaching so you don't want to miss this exclusive free event we made just for you.


Working with expert specialists and agencies, Phil and his company PictureCo brings to Innovation Forum a wealth of experience delivering science, technology and finance content via the web, live events and TV.

An ability to quickly understand complex technical communication challenges and find a narrative that suits specific audiences is highly valued, alongside a genuine appreciation of the people working to create the world of tomorrow.

With a filmmaking background spanning the boardrooms of the City to automated pathology laboratories, his blend of skills and experience delivers a human touch to technical and financial communication.

Whether you need a slick presentation for a funding round, content for a media strategy or help creating your own video material, Phil and his team are there for the members, and of course the sponsors, of Innovation Forum.


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