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Healthcare 2.0 – Cell & Gene Therapy

Thursday, June 06th 2024

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18:00 – 22:00 (GMT)

The Cavendish, 22 Duchess Mews, London W1G 9DT

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Thursday, June 6th 2024

18:00 – 22:00 (GMT)
Location: The Cavendish, 22 Duchess Mews, London W1G 9DT

Join us at our latest Healthcare 2.0 conference for a collaborative exploration of the latest advancements in Cell and Gene Therapy. This event, uniting experts from the UK, Europe, and beyond, focuses on practical strategies, upcoming challenges, and innovative solutions in healthcare.

  • Discover how Cell and Gene Therapy is setting new standards in medical treatments and what future developments lie beyond current genome editing techniques like CRISPR.
  • Connect with the top healthcare professionals, industrial and academic researchers, start-ups, and investors who are shaping the future of medicine.
  • Engage with experts as we discuss the enormous potential and challenges of effective Cell and Gene Therapy treatments reaching the market.


Beyond CRISPR: Exploring Innovative Genome Editing Alternatives

Keynote speaker and content to be announced

Panel Discussions

Panel I - Future Directions in Cell and Gene Therapy: Allogeneic, Autologous, and In-Vivo

  • Success Comparisons: Analysing the potential success of allogeneic, autologous, and in-vivo
  • Overcoming Immunogenicity in Allogeneic Therapies: Discussing strategies to address immune response challenges.
  • Expanding Access: Strategies to make Cell and Gene Therapy more accessible.
  • Cost Reduction: Approaches to lower the costs of Cell and Gene Therapy.

Panel II - The Business Case: From the Lab to Clinical Trials

  • Strategies for funding and scaling up cell and gene therapy manufacturing.
  • Regulatory insights and addressing challenges in therapy scalability.
  • Emphasis on safety, accessibility, and affordability in gene and cell therapies.

Pitching Session

5-Minute Pitch: Meet Tomorrow’s Healthcare Innovators

Join our rapid pitching session to hear from up-and-coming start-ups emerging from our IMAGINE IF! accelerator programme. This segment offers a unique opportunity to connect with new leaders in healthcare innovation.

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