Dr Peter Waggett – Innovation Forum 2016 – Leaders Conference Speakers

Dr Marek Tyl Written by Dr Marek Tyl
Published on 26 July 2016
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We are delighted to announce our speakers line-up for the Innovation Forum 2016 conference. Follow us to keep up to date as we introduce our eminent speakers.

Peter Waggett, IBM UK  - Innovation Forum 2016 Leaders Conference speaker
Photo: Dr. Peter Waggett, Director of Emerging Technology IBM UK

Dr. Peter Waggett is the Programme Leader for IBM’s Emerging Technology Group based at the Hursley Laboratory. He manages a team of 45 professionals and, in addition, performs consultancy assignments in support of a number of high profile projects for IBM. These projects include the UK’s biometric matching system and the International Technology Alliance research programme into novel sensor networks. Dr Waggett has extensive experience of innovative IT systems, including research into image processing at University College London and the Marconi Research Centre. He has provided consultancy to a wide range of clients in the public and private sector including serving as an advisor to the UK Governments Chief Scientific Officer. His work includes responsibility for the delivery of innovative systems for a range of government and commercial organizations and he has been the Big Data subject matter expert for a range of projects and clients including the UK’s biometric visa matching system.

For a complete schedule and to secure your tickets please visit our Innovation Forum 2016 – Leaders Conference page (www.inno-forum.org/conference/)

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