Kook-Hyun Moon

President & CEO of Hansoll Textile
President & CEO of New Paradigm Institute

Kook-Hyun Moon is currently President & CEO of Hansoll Textile and President & CEO of the New Paradigm Institute. For twelve years previously, Mr. Moon was CEO of the Seoul-based joint venture Yuhan-Kimberly (Y-K), a leading South Korean personal care products company. He has also been Group President & Chair of BOD at Kimberly-Clark North Asia and a member of the National Assembly, ROK.

Kook-Hyun Moon studied English and Business Administration at the Hanguk University of Foreign Studies, before gaining an MBA from Seoul National University. In 2014 Kook-Hyun Moon recieved an Honorary Doctorate from St. Thomas Aquinas College. During 2003 – 2006 Kook-Hyun Moon was a Visiting Professor at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, SNU and between 2004 – 2007 he was Chairman of the Yuhan School Foundation: Yuhan University and High School. In 2014 he became part of the International Panel of Advisors at the Centennial College School of Management.

One of Kook-Hyun Moon’s interests include nature and the environment. In 1984 he founded the national movement ‘Keep Korea Green’. Between 2007– 2009 he was Founder and Chairman at The National Trust and between 1998 – 2009 he was Founder and Co-Chair of the national movement ‘Forest For Life’. Kook-Hyun Moon also has a keen interest in politics, and was a Presidential Candidate for the Renewal Korea Party, ROK in 2007. In 1996, Moon was appointed committee director of the U.N. Environment (UNEP) Korea Development Organization, and in 1997 he was listed on UNEP’s ‘Global 500’ Roll of Honor.

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