Aylin Luck

Aylin obtained her MBA degree from the London Business School. During her first year of the MBA Programme, she spent nine months working at Johnson & Johnson's Innovation Center with a primary focus on digital health technologies and Corporate Strategy/Business Development.

Aylin has worked in finance for over ten years in New York City. After moving to London and prior to starting her MBA, she interned at a Real Estate Private Equity firm, Cain International, for several months.

Aylin previously worked at The Carlyle Group for nearly five years in the US Structured Credit Business as a Senior Associate. Prior to that, she spent three years working in Clean Energy Investing at Akeida Capital. Aylin began her career working at Lazard Frères as an Investment Banking Analyst.

Aylin received a dual degree from Johns Hopkins University in 2007 where her primary major was Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and her secondary major was a Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages (Italian and French).

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