IMAGINE IF! Coordinator

Career description

You will be a Global Coordinator for the Innovation Forum’s IMAGINE IF! accelerator, taking the leading role in managing its delivery. You will work closely with the Innovation Forum Executive team to plan out the competition and ensure that key milestones are met.

Key responsibilities: 

  • Project manage the overall delivery and implementation of IMAGINE IF! 
  • Strategic planning with the Executive Team
  • Develop a valuable training programme for participants
  • Develop the IMAGINE IF! timeline and ensure key milestones are met 
  • Coordinate local branch team leaders 
  • Act as the ‘orchestra conductor’ and coordinate a team of IMAGINE IF! Global Administrators to facilitate communication with global mentors, judges and finalists (emails, meetings, phone calls) 
  • Create agendas for and lead on IMAGINE IF! coordinators’ bi-weekly calls 
  • Ensure that IMAGINE IF! Local Coordinators follow guidelines 
  • Project manage relationships with key investors and mentors across the IMAGINE IF! network 
  • You will be an integral part of the Executive Team and will receive support and mentoring to develop your project management skills. 

Why apply: 

  • Rapidly expand your network with investors, big pharma, company directors and key opinion leaders in biotech, healthcare and cleantech sectors 
  • Meet and learn from early-stage start-ups 
  • Develop your entrepreneurial skills including leadership, organisation, project management, business development and more 
  • Project management experience 
  • Discover potential co-founders 
  • International exposure 
  • Great career development opportunity 

We’re looking for a dedicated and highly motivated team player who can work effectively in a fast-paced team and individually. We need someone who has amazing internal and external communication skills. 

To apply please complete our online application form

Deadline : 31st of August

* We are among the top 7 best programmes in Europe:


About "Global Innovation Forum"

The Innovation Forum is an accelerator for healthcare ventures. It is supported by a global grassroots network of over 10,000 innovators who seek to improve human health and wellbeing by translating cutting-edge science into innovative products and services. We focus on the future and the evolution of today’s technologies, which range from the nascent stage to the cusp of commercial application.


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