Chris Hancock

Senior Consultant

Chris Hancock spent 18 highly successful years in commercial roles within the pharmaceutical industry. Pivotal to Chris’ success was his ability to effectively recruit and develop teams to exceed business and personal goals.

His senior roles included Sales Director for Napp Pharmaceuticals and Marketing Director for Mundipharma International. He was a member of the European leadership team whose priority was to enable the development and movement of people across the organisation. Consistent focus on creating a passionate, honest and innovative culture was one of the key reasons why since 2007, the organisation achieved four consecutive placings in the Sunday Times Best 100 companies, the highest ever achieved for a pharmaceutical company.

Chris has experience in European Marketing having led the European marketing function responsible for the life cycle management of key brands. Chris led several project teams comprising of business development, R&D, regulatory, legal, medical, marketing and sales effectiveness and communications.

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