Marketing Manager - Central Team

Career description

Interested in engaging a global community of scientific entrepreneurs and companies? Do you have an interest in scientific communication, healthcare, scientific entrepreneurship and want to inspire others through creative means? 

We are looking for a Marketing Manager who will work with our central executive team to generate marketing strategies, designs and materials to engage key stakeholders in the Innovation Forum.


  • Work with CEO directly on marketing strategies and priorities
  • Work with Branch Heads and Marketing Managers to identify needs across the organisation for templates of visual marketing materials
  • Work with external suppliers (designers etc.) to create and maintain templates of commonly used visual marketing materials (posters, slide decks, banners, etc.) 
  • Design and approve marketing content and social media posting
  • Work with Marketing Managers to ensure up to date templates are being used for event marketing on branch level 
  • Work with Content Writers to create and promote suitable written / video communications consistent with the message and brand of the Innovation Forum

Multiple roles are available. One role will focus on designing visual materials and social marketing campaigns whereas another will focus on news and written content. Both roles will involve coordinating and managing marketing with local branches to realise the grander strategy for the marketing of the organisation. 

The Ideal Candidate

  • Excellent written and visual communications skills 
  • Graphic design experience for image and video editing, e.g. Adobe suite
  • Understanding of social media and community engagement (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Creativity and professionalism 
  • Attention to detail
About "Global Innovation Forum"

The Innovation Forum is an accelerator for healthcare ventures. It is supported by a global grassroots network of over 10,000 innovators who seek to improve human health and wellbeing by translating cutting-edge science into innovative products and services. We focus on the future and the evolution of today’s technologies, which range from the nascent stage to the cusp of commercial application.


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