Community Manager - Central Team

Career description

We are looking for a highly personable and driven individual who enjoys collaborating and developing a diverse set of people. In addition to recruiting and retaining great talent within the network, the role will focus on the development and training of a range of entrepreneurial scientists from across the network. 


  • Work closely with CEO and COO to develop overall strategy and tactics (procedures and processes) related to recruitment, performance reviews and exit procedures for team members across the organisation
  • Working across functions to identify gaps in talent and skills to increase recruitment and training
  • Creating and maintaining recruitment templates and promotional materials which can be used for recruitment (posters, brochures, leaflets, online calls etc.) 
  • Working with Heads of Branches to keep all records related to current team members up to date
  • Working closely with Branch Heads to identify recruitment needs and tactics locally  
  • Running of training and on-boarding process (3-4 months after each new team member joins) 
  • Identifying which department a new recruit should be assigned to
  • Providing information on training opportunities (online and offline courses) for team members 
  • Maintenance of alumni communications/relationships via LinkedIn group 
  • Ensure ethical hiring practices and highest standards for diversity and inclusion are met throughout our network
  • Ensure all voices are heard within the network and that 

The Ideal Candidate

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Interest in developing people and identifying their skills sets
  • Interest in psychology and building a healthy environment
  • Passion for encouraging diversity and inclusion
  • Great organisational and analytical skills
About "Global Innovation Forum"

The Innovation Forum is an accelerator for healthcare ventures. It is supported by a global grassroots network of over 10,000 innovators who seek to improve human health and wellbeing by translating cutting-edge science into innovative products and services. We focus on the future and the evolution of today’s technologies, which range from the nascent stage to the cusp of commercial application.


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