Junior (entry level) Consultant

Career description

Principle duties/requirements:
Client service:
• Supports consultants and teams on client projects.
• Helps monitor various aspects of a client project (timelines, deliverables,
• Present solutions and recommendations to clients and other stakeholders as
• Takes responsibility for identifying information sources, researching, gathering
and interpreting data, and presenting findings to consultants and teams.
• Conduct analyses, translate conclusions into recommendations, orhelp design and
implement programs.
• Builds and maintains excellent relationships with clients and provides ongoing
consultation and council, with the support of Leading boutique strategy
consultancy Partners.
• Provides daily client services from project start to end.
Project management:
• Reports project status to internal and external team members.
• Reviews and edit all client communication documents.
• Responds to client’s questions and concerns in a timely manner.
• Maintains complete project documentations for reference purposes.
• Ensures that the team works according to specific project scope and timelines.
• Produces accurate cost estimates and controls budgets efficiently and carefully
whilst keeping clients and team fully informed of eventual or possible overspends.
• Ensures that client or project specific finances and budgets are managed in line
with agency procedures and that expenditures are explained and justified to the
client before sign-off is obtained.
• Ensure that project deliverables meet client requirements and quality standards.
Communication and impact
• Maintain high level of professionalism and competence in client communications.
• Presents confidently and effectively to Leading boutique strategy consultancy
team members, explaining ideas and procedures clearly.
• Writes effective and high quality documentation for internal and client purposes
• Provides reliable project or task estimates and delivers on time every time.
• Actively listens to others within the Leading boutique strategy consultancy
team and uses their experience to understand, learn and grow.
• Supports, encourages and challenges colleagues in a constructive way.
• Builds and maintains good relationships with the Leading boutique strategy
consultancy team.
Technical ability and skills
(these skill areas will be used as a basis for career development at Leading
boutique strategy consultancy- career progression will be linked to
development in these areas)
• Keeps up to date with factors influencing the pharma and biotech sectors
(including M&A activity, pharma corporate strategy and the various industry
head- and tail-winds).
• Engages in industry “scanning” and maintains a strong current knowledge of
industry opportunities and developments and our clients’ operating
environment. Aware of new and important product launches, pivotal clinical
studies, new guidance, legislation and policies of relevance.
• Has a strong working knowledge of the science covering our clients’ areas of
• Has an ongoing commitment to deepening and expanding knowledge in
modalities, modes of action, epidemiology, clinical trial design and anything
else that may be relevant to strategic planning and advice, both from the point
of view of the client and their competitor environment.
• Keeps aware of latest announcements coming out of key congresses, key
experts in the field, and any overall, rapidly-evolving trends (such as
genomics, AI, CRISPR or the application of big data) and how these might
feed into scientific strategy recommendations to the client.
• Can confidently discuss strategy in reference to client goals and objectives.
• Understands theoretical approaches and models used in strategy consulting.
Able to integrate the relevant theories into a given client challenge. Is a keen
student of the evolving strategic environment (including new tools and
models, their merits and demerits). Takes increasing roles in strategic
development and strategic workshop facilitation as their career develops.
Marketing and communications:
• Understands the fundamental principles of healthcare marketing and
communications, with a strong capability in public relations, med ed, and
scientific communications. Seeks to learn more about social, digital,
advertising and brand strategy.
• Can demonstrate an understanding of the theory and application of new
theories and tools in marketing (e.g. behaviour change, AI/big data, new
principles of neuroscience, iconography and its impact, etc.).
• Understanding means of evaluation and KPIs across marketing channels.
• Has a good grasp of not only guidelines, but also the ethics of good marketing
practice in healthcare.
Is Positive;
Inspires passion for growth within own team and the wider company; drives solutions
in an optimistic and constructive manner regardless of challenges; leads consistently
through change and ambiguity and fosters inclusion and innovation.
Is Accountable;
Builds and improves effective internal systems and processes which align with the
overall goals of the company; takes responsibility for their impact on others and
strives to improve through feedback; fulfils commitments to internal and external
stakeholders and manages and mitigates risks for the business, learning from
Is Results Driven;
Focuses on critical issues and delivers against them; develops strategic and
pragmatic client solutions; generates breakthrough solutions and delivers outcomes
despite the internal/external environment.
Is Manager of Self and Others;
Aligns and engages the team to client projects; provides direction, empowerment
and support to the team in achieving results; builds and develops high performing
teams and creates an environment of continuous learning, managing performance to
develop others.
Career tracks
You will get extensive training to help build your core consulting skills and will receive
ongoing feedback and mentoring from teammates. After 2 or 3 years, based on
performance, you may move into the role of Consultant and lead client projects, manage
teams, coach junior colleagues, and take responsibility for initiatives within Leading
boutique strategy consultancy.

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