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Lindsey Brown Written by Lindsey Brown
Published on 03 October 2018
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The last two decades have witnessed a dramatic revolution in gene sequencing. Advancing technologies at a lower cost has enabled large consortiums to decipher tens of thousands of human genomes. Such efforts, when coordinated with meticulous patient metadata collection, can provide invaluable information on the underlying genomic traits of a disease. The UK is at the forefront of such pioneering efforts, with the NHS and Genomics England collaborating open-handedly with academic institutes and industrial partners to advance the translation of genomics to healthcare.

On the 25th October, join the Innovation Forum Cambridge for our event “Genomics in Healthcare”, where we will host a panel of industry experts who will discuss the promises that large genomic biobanks hold and the potential ethical hurdles encountered in the collection and processing of patient data. Dr Nick Lench, who has over 25 years’ research experience in human molecular genetics, and was a co-Founder of Congenica in 2013 and Professor Joanne Hackett, the Chief Commercial Officer at Genomics England and lead member of the Business and Investment Committee are going to give talks!!

Food and drinks are provided during the networking session.


18:00 – 18:20 – Registration

18:20 – 20:00 – Talks and Panel Discussion

20:00 – 20:30 – Networking Session

More information about the event and our speakers can be found on our Cambridge branch website


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