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IMAGINE IF! Workshop: An introduction to non-dilutive funding for R&D projects

Thursday, May 13th 2021

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17:00 – 18:00 (BST)


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When and how you can fund innovation without giving up equity?

Raising venture capital is probably the most glorified path of building a scientific startup but it's not the only way to kickstart your venture.
There might be less-known opportunities for you to get funding and validate your product before growing your company.
We know that navigating this maze is not easy and knowing where to focus your energies might be essential to avoid wasting time while maximizing the potential outcomes.
For this reason, we partnered with Granted Consultancy, a firm that specialises in identifying and securing non-dilutive funding to support scientific and tech companies.
Here are a few of the topics that will be covered during this highly informative event:
  • What is non-dilutive funding?
  • When/when to consider R&D grants
  • The R&D grant funding landscape 
  • Tax credits overview
Be ready to learn how you can leverage grants and join us on the 13th of May!


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