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Karolina Zapadka

Chief of Staff

Karolina completed her PhD at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, Newnham College, working on physicochemical stability of glucagon-like peptide-1. Her research interests are focused on peptide pharmaceuticals, stability of biologics, formulations, drug delivery systems, and diabetes. She is currently a Post-doctoral Researcher in the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, working on mechanisms of aggregation in therapeutics. Her project is in collaboration with MedImmune, which gives her an opportunity to spend valuable time in pharma.

Prior to her PhD, Karolina worked for 2 years as a Research Scientist in an emerging biotech at the Cambridge Science Park, being responsible for developing liquid formulation for biologics. She holds double MSc degrees in Physical Chemistry from University of Lund (Sweden) and Jagiellonian University (Poland). Her project was in the area of conductive polymers and spectroscopy. As a part of her undergraduate course she also spent 3 months in the Biospectroscopy group in Dublin Institute of Technology in the Republic of Ireland investigating spectroscopic techniques for cervical cancer detection. She has over eight years of professional experience in research, both in academia and industry (biotech and pharma).

Karolina is interested in strategy, entrepreneurship, and technology transfer. For the past four years, she has been involved in many organisations in Cambridge leading teams (10 and 15-person), organising conferences (two conferences for more than 300 attendees) and workshops (six for 50 – 100 attendees) around knowledge and technology transfer. Karolina has a strong interest in advising start-up as a facilitator in Judge Business School (Ignite 2016) and mentor for Imagine IF competition in Innovation Forum.

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Dr Danuta Jeziorska

co-founder and Senior Advisor of Oxford branch of Innovation Forum

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