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Software Developer

Career description

Sibelius Limited is a biotech company based in Oxford investigating the biological activity of botanical extracts. It has set up a new laboratory in the centre of Oxford for the operation of its proprietary high throughput biological screen using C. elegans as a model organism. Due to the rapid business growth we are looking for a highly motivated software developer to expand and grow our proprietary technology and who will also play an important role in the development of the internal IT infrastructure of the company and its growing IT needs in the future.

Role key requirements:

• Proficiency in MATLAB, Python and Java
• Experience of machine learning techniques
• Proven experience in Image processing and developing algorithms
• Experience of version control software
• Knowledge in statistical data analysis

Desirable requirements:

o Good knowledge of PostgreSQL and/or MySQL DB
o Experience of Apache/Nginx server administration
o Experience of Django web-development
o Passion for work in Agile environment

Ideal candidates will be degree educated or equivalent in a Computational, Mathematical or Physical Sciences with interest in biology and willingness to work within an interdisciplinary group. Attention to detail and good organisation is essential, and candidates must demonstrate the ability to work individually as well as within a team environment. Quick learners and those who are able to adapt well to new challenges are particularly desired. The comprehensive benefits package includes a competitive salary, pension plan and healthcare policy.

Please apply with your CV and covering letter.

About "SIBELIUS Natural Products"

Uncovering the Potential of Natural Ingredients. Sibelius is a scientifically led company that works with leading product researchers and developers to create, test and commercialise innovative and efficacious natural products. It works at the cutting edge, by offering unique insights into the epigenetics of age-related conditions. Epigenetics is an increasingly powerful tool in the study of biological mechanisms that control the activity of genes without changing the under lying DNA. If DNA is the storytelling structure of life, epigenetics is the script that writes our individual life stories, that says how long we might live, how strong we can be, how well we retain memories. We can change the script and modify the activity of our genes through natural ingredients extracted from many plants, including well-known herbs and fruits. It is the mechanism through which the environment interacts with our genome to determine our phenotype – our health status. We test a wide range of natural products, plot their effect on an increasing range of conditions associated with aging and identify their mode of action, and measure their efficacy. Testing is usually slow and laborious, but we now have a high-throughput screen that takes weeks rather than months and years to deliver results. Working with the C.elegans model organism which has been validated in several Nobel prize-winning research projects, Sibelius has been able to dramatically reduce the costs and shorten product research and development cycles. The Sibelius high-throughput screen opens up the exciting possibility of developing new, completely natural products that can significantly ameliorate the effects of age-related conditions. The scientific screening process allows products to be tried and developed and brought to commercial use in extremely rapid but safe timescales. Through the Sibelius system there are also methods to ensure fast patent protection of new products. The potential of Sibelius is life-enhancing through the identification of supplements able to reset cellular network health controls. This means we can support weight management, enhance stress resistance, aid sports performance, control age-related muscle loss, better manage glucose tolerance and identify anti-oxidants to reduce inflammation, as well as enhancing the immune system and improving cognition. So – natural, effective, safe, fast and commercial, the Sibelius approach to epigenetics brings all these benefits. It’s a science that is well recognised and validated by world-leading teams from Oxford University and MIT.

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