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Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) is RECRUITING

Career description

The world largest Genomic organization, Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) is looking for candidates with both Chinese and non-Chinese nationalities and various educational/industrial background to join us! If you would like to hear more about BGI and how we apply big data in personalized medicine in China, please come over to Lecture Room 4 at Department of Engineering between 14:00 – 16:00 on 4th of December. We are recruiting highly self-motivated individuals who are enthusiastic to becoming part of this revolutionary process of making personalized healthcare beneficial to the general population worldwide (from disease prevention, diagnosis to treatment). BGI launched the International Community of Precision Medicine (ICPM) project in February 2016 and the long-term goal of the ICPM project is to gain a better understanding of the correlation between people’s genetics and diseases’ progressions as well as to discover novel biomarkers through building a big database of patients’ genetic and clinical datasets from our collaborators, including national and international hospitals, research institutes and China’s first national gene bank (operated by BGI). To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to Carrie Yang ([email protected]). Please see below the open positions:

1. Honorary director (part-time in Zhengzhou, international applicants preferred)
2. Project manager for the international graduate education program (full-time with at least 2 months in Qingdao and rest time is flexible with some traveling, international applicants preferred)
3. Post-doc fellowships (full-time/part-time, location in Shenzhen/Qingdao)
4. Senior researcher in DNA synthesis technology (full-time, location in Qingdao/Shenzhen)
5. Senior Bioinformatics Engineer (full-time, location in Qingdao/Shenzhen)
6. Senior Automation Engineer (full-time, location in Qingdao/Shenzhen)
7. Senior Scientist in genome editing (full-time, location in Qingdao/Shenzhen)

About "BGI - Beijing Genomics Institute"

BGI, founded in 1999 with the vision of using genomics to benefit the human race, is now the world’s largest genomics organization.

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