ON Helix by One Nucleus

Dr Marek Tyl Written by Dr Marek Tyl
Published on 23 May 2016
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ON Helix is a one-day event by One Nucleus aimed at informing delegates of how to turn early stage inventions and ideas into innovative health treatments (new medicines, novel biomarkers, useful medical devices or improved medical practices).

It will present the UK landscape of the business environment, funding, scientific and clinical research excellence and will be a unique knowledge-sharing environment between academia and business:

  • The Future of Medicines: Do Patients Make the Best Models?
  • The Role of Technology Transfer Offices
  • Funding Early Stages of Translational Medicine


Keynote Speakers:

Dr Susan Windham-Bannister
, Former President and CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

Dr David Roblin, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Translation at The Francis Crick Institute

Professor Nick Lemoine, Medical Director at the NIHR and Director of Barts Cancer Institute

Professor Sir John Savill, CEO of the Medical Research Council will also be delivering keynote addresses

and VIP Guest of Honour who will be starting the day off.

Click to view the 2016 programme for ON Helix.

The conference will commence with a Welcome Reception and BioNewsRound Awards on 27 June, more information can be found here.

To register, please click here.

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