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IMAGINE IF! - Deep tech accelerator



Join the global IMAGINE IF! network of Innovators across 16 branches world wide, competing for the non-dilutive $30,000 award.

The participation is free, don’t miss this opportunity and apply now !

Registration deadline for local finals will vary. If you miss your local deadline you can still apply through the independent stream by the 14th of July 2016.

The IMAGINE IF! is the first truly global competition and accelerator program for deep technology*.

The accelerator provides to early stage science-based ventures extensive opportunities: mentorship, the potential to secure non-dilutive capital, free laboratory space, free advice from leading professional services companies and extensive networking across the Innovation Forum platform.

* we define deep technology as technology based on genuine, novel scientific idea which has a significant impact on improving human or animal wellbeing (e.g. new medicines, medical devices, new materials or engineering solutions helping to preserve the natural environment in a balanced state)


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As Deep Tech start-ups stem from a broad spectrum of scientific fields, they are not always easily categorized. Therefore, we encourage applications from all R&D fields for ideas which can be applied to healthcare or environmental conservation and sustainability.

Participation in the IMAGINE IF! Accelerator is free, and we do not take any equity stake in your company. Furthermore we will introduce selected teams to venture capital firms, multinational companies and other key stakeholders to enable the rapid acceleration of their business.


Phase I
Local Finals
Application deadline - depending on the local Innovation Forum branch, but not later than 14th July

All applications are made via our online submission portal. You can apply either via one of our 16 branches (you will need to be physically present to pitch should you be selected for the local finals) or via an independent stream.

IMAGINE IF! local competitions provide initial mentorship and support, and are recommended to all teams that are based proximal to an Innovation Forum branch (http://inno-forum.org/branches/). Local judges will award first stage prizes and provide feedback on the quality of your application. If your team is not based nearby an Innovation Forum branch, you can apply via our online independent stream, and will have appropriate access to our program via an e-learning toolkit to develop your ideas.

Phase II
The TOP 50
Application deadline - 14th July

The winner and the runner up from each of the local level competitions are entered into the TOP 50 global pool. The remaining spots in the TOP 50 group are filled in by applicants chosen from ALL entrants (branch competition entrants and entrants to the independent stream).

Phase III
The TOP 10
Video Pitch Submission deadline - 1 August

To progress to the next stage the TOP 50 teams will have to submit a 3 minute recorded video pitch. At this stage the teams will also have the opportunity of re-submitting their initial business plans. Based on the pitch video and the final business plan, our experienced judges will select the TOP 10. These teams will be invited to pitch on the second day of the Innovation Forum 2016 – Leaders Conference on the 22nd September.

Phase IV
The Final Pitch
22 September

A judging panel of industry champions will award $30,000+ to the winning pitch. This is non-dilutive and the package also provides multiple benefits to aid rapid development of your company.

Phase V
The Accelerator
23 September - 20 December

The TOP 10 teams pitching at the Innovation Forum 2016 – Leaders Conference will enter the IMAGINE IF! Accelerator. The acceleration process starts just after the Cambridge conference and will end on the 20th of December 2016. During this period teams will have direct access to 1-2-1 mentoring as well as many opportunities to interact with industry leaders.

Innovation Conference !
January 2017

The TOP 10 teams will be invited to attend the Innovation Forum Investors Conference in January 2017. This is an invitation only 1 day conference held in London that will bring together international science and high-tech ventures looking for Series A level investment with leading investors. As a TOP 10 participant in the event, you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea alongside some of the world’s most exciting Series A level companies to a panel of internationally renowned investment firms.


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